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Interview Guide

Reid T. Clifford ABC Company, Ltd.

Caliper Management, 506 Carnegie Center, Suite 300, P.O. Box 2050, Princeton, NJ USA 08543-2050 Tel. 609-524-1200 Fax. 609-524-1201

Reid T. Clifford

ABC Company, Ltd.

Caliper Interview Guide
The Caliper Interview Guide is a special report derived from Reid T. Clifford's Caliper Profile. The Profile results suggest that some areas may be worth investigating. Below, you will see personalized interview questions that will help you determine whether Reid T. Clifford can engage in the behaviors related to success in your organization's position. For each area to investigate, we provide specific attributes related to the behavior as well as an interview question. For
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Specifically, tell me how you provided direction and set expectations for your team members. What were some of the barriers you encountered along the way? How did you overcome them? Additional notes:

Area to investigate: Persuasively sells ideas to gain support and buy-in Specific traits to investigate: - Low Gregariousness Interview question: Describe an experience that demonstrates your ability to persuade others to accept your point of view. What were most the most challenging aspects of this experience? How did you overcome these obstacles in order to achieve your objective? Additional notes:

Area to investigate: Provides coaching, mentoring, and feedback to develop others Specific traits to investigate: - Low Sociability

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Reid T. Clifford

ABC Company, Ltd.

Interview question: Give an example of a time when you coached someone to improve their work performance. What was your approach? What was the outcome? Additional notes:

Area to investigate: Negotiates mutually acceptable outcomes Specific traits to investigate: The candidate scored average or above on the traits related to this behavior. If you wish to learn more about this individual's work style, here are the specific traits to consider: Empathy, Accommodation, Assertiveness, and Ego-Drive. Interview question: Describe a situation at work where you were at an impasse with someone who was important to you achieving your

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