Sample Field Trips At The Zoo Essay

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34) "Buddy System"
Learners buddy with another learner who is either slightly or more experienced. The two work together regularly on a project that will go on display at a specific time (i.e. exhibition, science fair.) Buddies also assist each other to complete homework or to remind each to finish and turn in homework. In the end, neither buddy can take the summative assessment until the other buddy says the first buddy is ready. This technique improves learning because the buddies encourage each other to succeed.
35) "Field Trips"
Field trips offer the probability that internalize material becomes externalized, applied, and sometimes evaluated. On a field trip, designed to apply learned skills, the learner experiences opportunity to practice comprehension skills, conversational skills, and vocabulary skills.
Sample Field Trips: Natural Hispanic Cultural Center; Hispanic (Target Language) Markets; Target language classrooms in other schools; a tour spoken in the target language (i.e. at the zoo.)
36) Guest Speakers/Guest Teachers ("Guest Teachers")
Including fellow teachers or guest speakers to teach on a specific topic regarding the target language, or to teach on their own topic in the target language improves learning by providing opportunity for learners to apply internalized material. Guest speakers/Guest teachers provide variety in classroom lecture or instruction which increases learner interest level. Increasing interest levels within the classroom improves…

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