Essay about Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal

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As surprising as it may be, given that same-sex marriage has become more or less widely accepted in our culture, both socially and legally, same-sex divorce can be an entirely different beast given the right circumstances. In states like Florida where state law seeks to not recognize a federally legal marriage as valid, there can be a great deal of complex legal issues involved with the dissolution of that marriage for people who reside in those states. For example, if a separated, but not legally divorced person lives in Florida and is involved in an accident or other medical emergency, their spouse will still be considered by Florida law to be the only one who can make important medical decisions on their spouse’s behalf. Another complication is that a separated couple in Florida may still be considered bound by all the responsibilities of marriage. This includes possible tax penalties from the IRS for not sharing a residence with your legal spouse, and if one spouse desires to enter into a partnership with someone else, perhaps going so far as to be married in another state, the marriage with the new partner will be considered illegitimate until the first marriage is dissolved. However, some Florida judges have recently begun recognizing and allowing same-sex divorce, and it has been ruled by the Supreme Court that same-sex couples are granted all the legal rights to marriage as heterosexual couples and that Florida cannot legally refuse the dissolution of a same-sex…

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