Same Sex Marriage Should Be Legal Essay

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The goal of most people in life is to be happy. There are two major fronts to their happiness, their jobs and their love lives. While education may be the key to securing that perfect job, there is no formula for finding the perfect mate, especially for gays. Furthermore, once gays find their partners for life, the law does not recognize their marriage, denying homosexual spouses the benefits that heterosexual spouses have enjoyed for centuries. The roots of this debate lie in the soil of discrimination. Gays have long been discriminated against, even though there is little difference between sexual orientation-based discrimination and that based upon race. Also, many states and the federal government still have laws that discriminate on gays. These laws must be struck down to pave the way for a new law. Same-sex marriage should be legalized on the basis that discrimination is wrong, and current laws discriminate.

Marriage is one way that gays are discriminated against. There are many reasons for this discrimination. The fact that gays are merely different is a major reason for discrimination. Time has shown that many people feel uncomfortable in new situations, and are opposed to change, and this lies in the fact that these circumstances make them feel uncomfortable. Furthermore, religious fundamentalists play a major role in gay discrimination. Fundamentalist Christian, Dr. James Dobson, has a newsletter, Focus on the Family, that regularly denounces gays, and…

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