Same Day Surgery Research Paper

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Same Day Surgery
During same day surgery, I shadowed Nurse Laura, BSN, RN. We prepared four patients for their procedures. The first patient was an 81 year old, white male. He was a patient of Dr. Workman in for a medi-port placement. A medi-port is one type of a central venous access device. This port can remain in place for years and is often inserted for patients who receive long term IV medications and who require frequent blood draws causing less discomfort for the patient. The port is surgically inserted under the skin. The catheter runs form the portal and is surgically inserted into a vein, either the jugular or subclavian. This allows medications to be spread throughout the body quickly and efficiently (Treas 794). This patient was
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Mr. M.J. was not on any medication and was receiving the colonoscopy for screening due to age. I took his vitals and Mrs. Laura inserted his I.V. He left within five minutes of us working him up. The last pre-operative patient I was able to assist with was 77 year old, R.W, a white female in for a sonography. Ms. R.W. was receiving a sonography because she had a wound underneath her stomach that will open and gush blood at random times and then close back up. The sonography was going to try and determine what might be causing the wound to open. A sonography is a diagnostic procedure that visualizes body tissue structures or wave-form analysis. This ultrasound can detect tissue abnormalities such as masses, cysts, edema, and stones (Kee 620). I was able to go get a wheelchair and get Ms. R.W. from the waiting room by myself. I weighed her, began her vitals, and assisted her with a clothing change. We received Ms. R.W. around the time Mr. F.T.’s platelet transfusion, so Ms. Laura had me watching Mr. F.T for the majority time of Ms. R.W.’s work up. I did get to observe the wound. It was located on the left side under the abdominal skin fold. The wound was tunneled with no edema, erythema, or drainage. It was

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