Saint Augustine 's Confessions : A Diverse Mix Of Autobiography, Philosophy, And Interpretation Of The Christian Bible

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Saint Augustine’s Confessions is a diverse mix of autobiography, philosophy, and interpretation of the Christian Bible. The first nine Books of the work follow the story of Augustine 's life, from his birth (354 A.D.) up to the events that took place just after his conversion to Catholicism (386 A.D.). Born and raised in Thagaste, in eastern Algeria, he has one brother named Navigius, and two sisters. His father, Patricus, a small landowner and official of the local government is still a pagan. Monica, his mother is a devout Christian. Augustine starts off by praising to God and that it is the natural desire of all men. Yet Augustine does not have a lot of knowledge about God because he felt that he was powerless for God to come to him and only God can help him. All throughout his life, he was very educated. However, he made a lot of sins from birth through adulthood. Such as crying and tantrums of infancy; boyhood pranks like staling pears to feed to the pigs; bodily pressure like sex, food, theater, etc. With all these sins dragging Augustine down his mother constantly prays for his son to find God and believe that he will one day convert to Christianity. He then heads on to Carthage to study Cicero which inspires him to become a rhetoric. Monica’s prayers finally answered God. Which resulted from Augustine in exploration to the philosophical road that led to his conversion from Macheanism to Neo-Platonism to Christianity. But later felt sorrowful for his mother that had…

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