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Sages in Today’s World In both Confucian and Daoism, the idea of a “sage”, is the ultimate title an individual can get in his/her life. Being called a sage, first and foremost, means one must fulfills the moral standards set by each philosophy idea. In Daoism, the way of being is more emphasized on individual’s state of mind, and in Confucian, the idea is focused on duty and position, individual’s relation to the whole society. The ideas are taught and spread by the voice the sages, as both Confucius and Lao Zi could be called a sage. In the context of the contemporary world, however, the title “sage” is no longer applied to any specific person. People today rarely set their ultimate life goal as being a “sage”, but the ideas from these ancient “sages” are still worth learning and they are helpful in shaping one’s own behaviors. In both the Analects and the Daodejing, specific quotes are written to define the standard for being a sage. The definition is the Daodejing is very clearly stated: “The five colors blind our eyes. The five tones deafen our ears. The five flavors confuse our taste. Racing and hunting madden our minds. Possessing rare treasures brings about harmful behavior. Therefore the sage acts from his gut, and not from his eyes. He lets go of that and chooses this.” (12) In Daoism, the value of self-behaving in a certain way is the center of the philosophy idea. “Five colors, five tones, and five flavors” stands for five senses: the way people receive…

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