Sage Chapel As Non Denominational Chapel Essay

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Sage Chapel is non-denominational chapel centrally located on the Cornell University Campus designed by Charles Babcock. Its physical address is 147 Ho Plaza, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York. Neighboring buildings include Olin Library, Uris Library, Day Hall, and the Cornell Store.

1. Condition:
Sage Chapel is in great condition. There are some minor faults in the exterior of the building, however. In the courtyard of the North façade, the stone foundation is being stained green by the surrounding foliage. There is also moss growing on several stones on the East side of the Main entrance. On the east façade of Memorial Antechapel there is some chipping in the stone under the windows. It appears as though repairs have been opposite the statue in the same location as the area is painted over in white and does not match the stone. The door on the east façade is in poor condition due to chipped paint. There also appears to be an issue with the stone foundation in the same location. The issue appears to have been addressed as there is a net around the stone.

2. Overall Dimensions:
Sage chapel contains multiple parts within its boundary. Its original shape was Latin Cross shape, marked by the Nave contained the east and west façades and the transepts that mark the north and south façades. The Memorial Antechapel and the second transept make the shape irregular. The Chapel is one and one-half stories high. The Chapel also has a basement that can be accessed from…

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