Safety Culture At Work Place Essay

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Several measures can be taken to incorporate safety culture at work place. In order to implement safety culture at work place organizations should take into consideration the behavioral aspect of each and every employee. The other term used to describe this is called as behavioural based safety measure. Such kind of measure can be taken by the peer observations to check the involvement of the employees, safety assessment at workplace and loop holes prevailing over there. Behaviour- based safety is a reliable tool to measure safety of the employees as it is an intensely analytical, object oriented and data-driven approach focusing on safety-related behaviors performed by employees of the organization (Tharaldsen & Haukelid, 2009). Thus the outcome of the BBS survey will lead to the improvement of safety culture and it can be performed at various level of management (Choudhry et. al., 2007). This is how safety culture is build up at any organization.
On the other hand safety leadership is also been considered as a contributing factor which helps in controlling hazards, accidents and fatalities at work place. When there is an active involvement of employees in safety at work place and when they act as a safety leaders, there is a tremendous reduction in the injury and fatality rate. Whereas the laid back attitude towards safety and not considering the concept of safety leadership lead to the increase in the injury and fatality rate at work place. (Mullen and Kelloway, 2009).…

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