Safety Analysis : Job Safety Essay

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Job Safety Analysis
As a consultant, sometime I perform specific evaluations or projects the company does not have time or expertise to perform. Occasionally a production manufacture may use my services to evaluate a job task, listing all hazards, potential, and precautions. By having an outside evaluation, items which might have been overlooked, as everyday event (normal) are realized and identified.
The purpose of a Job Safety Analysis is to achieve Incident Free Operations. When an item is identified where a person has the potential of exposure to injury, illness or disease it must listed as a Hazard.
Potential Hazards include: Struck By, Struck Against, Contacted By, Caught On, Caught In, Caught Between, Fall to Below, Overexertion, Exposure, Biohazard, Slippery Conditions, Back Strain, and Fatigue.
When a Hazard has been identified, a Risk Ranking must be assigned which is the “likelihood of exposure” and the “consequences” from the hazard. The risk ranking matrix measures the Likelihood and Consequences on a level of Slight to Catastrophic which typically results in loss of limb or life. Where the two risk meet is the score. For example a score of 1 may only occur in exceptional circumstance and injury in extremely minor such as a paper cut from a cardboard box. I once had an evaluations of 25 where the production process what halted for a few days until a temporary solution was developed while the permanent repair was underway. Something as simple as pushing a…

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