Safety, Accident Prevention Plan Essay

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The following is a summary of the works called Safety, Accidents, and Investigations: Be Prepared for the Unexpected by Robert A. Battles. “This article describes how to establish and maintain an accident prevention plan, respond to accidents in the workplace in the workplace and handle potential external investigations” (Battles, 2011). The focus of the summary will be to clarify Battles’ ideas on how to institute a safety program. The overall point for Battles program recommendations was to develop a simple, and easy to follow systematic elements needed to develop a pro-active emergency safety plan. Included in the guidelines; what should be included to effectively initiate the plan, and shadowed by how to be prepared for the Occupational Safety and Health administration or state inspection program that will follow the incident or accident that is under investigation. The intended proposed guidelines are for both the employees and employer. Important to note, it should be brought to the attention of the owner of the company, and allow the safety manager to develop the program. The legal advisors for proper language of the document should also review the proposed emergency plan. It would also be in the best interest of the parties involved in the guidelines having the union representative to review the suggested strategies. The writer states, “Developing the emergency plan allows employers and employees to work together on preventing safety and health hazards” (Battles,…

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