Essay on Safeguarding Children

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Safeguarding Children: Case Study and Questions:

Case Study: Part 1:

Q1 Child abuse would be one of many possible explanations at this point. In addition to the indicators mentioned above, describe at least four physical signs and four behavioural signs that you might look for if you still thought that child abuse was a possibility. (P1)

The first signs I would look for are physical signs, such as; bruises, burns, scars and unexplained marks, bite marks for example. Injuries such as bruises are not necessarily an immediate sign of child abuse, however depending on the place in which the bruises were found and the shape and age of them, they could be a sign. For example in protected areas of the body such as inner thighs and the
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I would only ask the basic questions (what, why, where, when, who) and such, rather than pressing questions and pressing for more information than what the child appears comfortable with. To ensure that the child did not think he had done anything wrong, I would remain calm. I would refrain from stopping the child from speaking about the matter, especially if they feel able to freely recall significant events. I would not promise anything to the child, particularly that I would not tell anybody else about what he had told me, as not to deceive him and betray his trust. The welfare of the child is paramount, therefore I would explain to them that I have a responsibility to report what has been happening to somebody else as it is upsetting him and could potentially cause him harm, given that the child is old enough to hold some type of understanding.

Part 3: Josh describes in some detail what happens in the ‘willy game’. The way it is played with Chris is clearly sexual, and involves repeated fondling at the very least. He and Chris play the game regularly, and Josh hints that he also plays the game with other people. You encourage him to say more but he is unwilling to talk further about playing the game with others, becoming clearly embarrassed at this point. Quite rightly you just listen to what he has to say, as it is not your role to ask questions or push for

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