Running Header: the Compare and Contrast of Andy Grove and Michael Dell

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Comparison and Contrast of Andy Grove and Michael Dell

Contributions to the Field

Andy Grove and Michael Dell made major contribution to the field of technology. Not speaking to product contributions, but the effective management tools, leadership, poise and strategic thinking are perhaps their most impressive contributions to the field.

Andy Grove brought definition to the words “crises management,” and has forever changed the way organizations anticipate and recovery from potential destruction. Andy’s strategic approach and recovery plan has been his most effective contribution to the field. Andy believed that building experimentation into the everyday business
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From the intern at MIT to the executive team, Andy Grove ensured everyone had some level of contribution in the decision making phases of the business. Another basic-level management technique is effective communication. Concise, transparent, and consistent communication to all levels of the business is critical. Effective communication from the top to the bottom of the organization builds trust. When employees trust leadership, they are less resistant to change.

Similarities in Business Stories

One substantial similarity in business stories between Andy Grove and Michael Dell was the encounter of strategic inflection points. Both professionals were able to swiftly and strategically react. The ability for both leaders to think strategically and prepare the organizations to counter any challenge is one reason for both company’s sustainability and success.

Using external factors to help rebuild a brand was another similarity between Michael Dell and Andy Grove. Dell used his key asset to give him the boast needed to change directions as an organization. Dell wanted the customer to dictate the company’s next move. Utilizing customer feedback, Dell maintained a personal relationship with his consumers which allowed his organization to continue to produce a quality and high demand product.

Grove asked, “what would another CEO do if he were to walk into this organization” (Krames, J.A. 2003).

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