One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Part 1 Summary

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One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest Part One Questions
1. The two nurses presented within the first paragraphs of the chapter are Nurse Ratched and Miss Flinn. Mrs. Flinn is described as a little nurse, who is said to have a wandering eye. Miss Flinn appears on edge as a result of the fact that her “wandering eye” seems to be constantly looking worried over her shoulder, and is asking Nurse Ratched multiple questions. Miss Flinn inquires about Mr. McMurphy, speaking in a cautious and worried tone of voice, as if not to say too much. The second nurse, Nurse Ratched is presented as a strong and assured nurse, confidently filling her duties as head nurse. She provides thoughtful and calm responses to each of Miss Flinn’s questions, and speaks with a confident and self-assured tone. Miss Ratched answers each question about Mr. McMurphy and his motives with an experienced tone, as if she had seen this type of situation before, proving her experience. Overall the two nurses presented within the first paragraphs of the chapter are extremely different, one being
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The three black boys on the daytime shift came to work at the ward all at different times. The first black boy to work on the ward was a dwarf (his growth stopped after watching his mother get raped) he is a violent natured man, proven by the fact that he wanted to carry a sock full of birdshot, to work patients into shape. The second and third black boys came two years after the first black boy, yet only a month apart from each other. Each black boy looks alike, with hard and sharp features. They are all very rough and cruel men, demonstrated in how they treat the patients, simply shoving food down their mouths and swearing in front of them. These characteristics make the black boys perfect staff members for Nurse Ratched. Considering that she runs a tight ship, these black boys will not hesitate to preform cruel duties in order to keep everything running smoothly, therefore making perfect orderlies for the

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