Abuse In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

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Chloe Namdar
English 11
One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest Essay
Ms. Walter

In Ken Kesey's, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, the institution ultimately proves to be more powerful than the individual. Throughout the novel, the staff of the institution portrays power and abuse against the patients. In the end of the novel, McMurphy is defeated as the institution killed him inside. “They were taking him through the tunnel. He beat up two of the attendants and escaped. ” (Quote from the movie). His fellow patients thought he escaped but he was really taken by the doctors a the took out part of his brain through a lobotomy, leaving him in a physical struggle. Chief saved him the unnecessary pain by choking him to death. I would say that this
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In the section of the novel when McMurphy leads the men on a fishing trip, which is a symbol of McMurphy's rebellious challenge to Nurse Ratched, the Big Nurse is unhappy with McMurphy taking the men out on a trip, McMurphy does it anyway because he believes that it is time for the men to have some "fun" beyond the boundaries of the ward. “They could sense the change. The most of us were only suspecting; these weren't the same bunch of weak-knees from a nuthouse that they'd watched take their insults on the dock this morning” (Page 220). After the fishing trip, the men develop a deeper faith in McMurphy's and trust his leadership skills more than before. " The salt smell o' poundin' sea, the crack o' the bow against the waves—braving the elements, where men are men and boats are boats"( Page 209). The men leaving the institution was seen as a glitch to the machine but it was quickly fixed as the men got caught and suffered their consequences.. Especially McMurphy. The nurse and her assistants operate the machine and keep it running effectively

. The patient's cause problems for the machine in particular McMurphy, who wants to break the machine. Mcmurphy does this through his attitude and rebellious behavior. The night where Mcmurphy brings drinks to the institution and gets all the men drunk, he sees Billy has an interest in Candy. Mcmurphy pushes Billy to have sex with her even though he was scared. The next morning when the institution was hungover and billy was caught with candy, Nurse Ratched shamed billy as much as she could to have made him miserable. “What worries me, billy” she said-I could hear the change in her voice-"is how your poor mother is going to take this..” (Pg 314). The day after Nurse Ratched shames billy for having sex..he slit his own throat having rather of died than

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