One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Ward Policy Analysis

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A Change in Ward Policy
In the novel, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” by Ken Kesey, the protagonist, Randall Patrick McMurphy, demonstrates a quest of redemptive sacrifice in order to protect the patient 's in the psych ward from the antagonist, Nurse Ratched. Through McMurphy’s heroic endeavors such as attempting to change ward policy, he is able to establish his own identity and fulfill his destiny.
McMurphy is the essence of what a leader should be. From the beginning the reader is made aware that he is an explosive energy that can liven up any atmosphere. He is a red-headed, Irishman that has a short temper and self acclaimed “gambling fool” (12). He is admitted to the ward for a series of questionable activities such as earning a “...dishonorable
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Dale Harding, an educated man, is the one that steps up and owns his position because he is the only one that has a wife. With that information, Mcmurphy is able to see the amount of control that women have on these men and how it affects the social hierarchy within ward. As such, Nurse Ratched has carefully constructed a list of rules and procedures to follow everyday from what the men have to do from morning till dawn. It is a very tight schedule and if anyone chooses to ignore it, there are consequences put in place as a threat, or rather blackmail so the patients are forced to do exactly what Nurse Ratched wants in order to keep her ward harmonious and …show more content…
He tries getting Nurse Ratched to allow the men to turn the music in the day room off or at least play different music, but Nurse Ratched proceeds to tell him, “I can not turn the music in the day room off because it would be unfair to the Chronics,” (94). Then he tries demonstrating that simple freedoms are taken away from them. He purposefully ask one of the orderlies in the ward if he could use some toothpaste. The orderly answers that “it’s ward policy to lock up the toothpaste,” (109) so Mcmurphy proceeds to put his finger in the orderly’s cleaning water and brushes his teeth that way just to prove how the patient 's are having their independence ripped away from them. McMurphy is found singing through the halls and laughing all the time, which makes the patient 's start to realize that they’ve been stuck so long in a hopeless place, trapped inside their own heads that it is time for a

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