Royal Co. Essay

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Royal Corporation Case Analysis Report


I. Introduction
Chronicles of a day in the life of a Royal Corp. salesperson Mary Jones part of the Royal Reproduction Center (RRC) division. The RRC division specializes in high quality turnaround copying and printing services. Division salespeople are responsible for selling copying/printing services the Royal 750 color copier and the Corporate Copy Center (CCC) concept which involves equipping a client company with a staff and copiers to operate an on premise reproduction operation. Focuses on Jones difficulty in selling the CCC concept. Presents the daily sales activities of a business
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- But she was late by 10 minutes which made her uncomfortable
- Meeting with Betty in the lobby made her frustrating
Interest Statement:
- She greeted and started the conversation about the previous meeting and the CCC in brief
She gave the proposal to Betty in which she had little interest
Need Identification:
There was no questioning to identify the current needs and no pre-commitment was obtained
Handling Objections:
White raised objections : 1) expensive 2) outsiders doing the printing
Jones skipped the question instead of handling the objections and focused on other features and benefits
White showed little interest and wrapped up the meeting

Mary Jones 's effort at General Hospital Approach:
Meeting started as scheduled
Jones was surprised to find V.P. of Operations, Director of Accounting & Chairman Of the Board there as she didn 't make sure who will be attending the meeting
She presented about the merits of the CCC and the financial calculations generated for General Hospital
Need Identification/ Handling Objections:
Concerns were raised regarding
- Outsider Employment: issue of Confidentiality
- Loss of Employment: Skilled, efficient and loyal employees; one was a relative of Chairman of

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