Roverle Inalvez: My Life Of My Family

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Roverle Inalvez is the name of my grandmother. She is currently sixty-one years old. Teaching was her first profession, but that was when she was still in the Philippines. As of now, she finds passion in taking care of the elderly. She is married and has given birth to three children and one of them is my mother, her only daughter. Raising a family has been a real struggle for my grandparents considering that they married at an early age. My grandfather had to leave his family behind in the Philippines to stabilize their financial problems. My grandmother, on the other hand, continued studying college while taking care of the family. Eventually, she graduated with a Masteral Degree in teaching, but that and my grandfather’s work were not …show more content…
Had she not been lucky to get employed by the contessa, sending her children to college would had been much harder. She didn’t want her children to suffer as much as she did. If not for her hard work, my mother would not have become a nurse, as well as my uncle. The family would not have been able to rise out of poverty. Eventually, her hard labor paid off and she felt accomplished and very happy about it. Luckily, both of my mother and my uncle today are still nurses and if not for the competent education they received because of my grandmother’s hard work, our families might have not been able to achieve the American Dream. Her hard work evidently rendered better chances of success for the next …show more content…
She was a very good student and a role model. Studying while working and taking care of the children is a hefty job, and I don’t know how she was able to do all of that for six consecutive years although, there is one thing I do know: Her time management skills are impressive. Her adeptness at managing time inspires me to improve with mine. If she was able to do it, then so do I, especially in college where I will need it the most. Her remarkable focus and determination despite all the hardships she faced also inspire me because these are just some of the most important things my grandmother needed to overcome her challenges in life. Time management skills, focus and determination, are things I don’t have quite just yet but I need them the most especially when I transition into college. Although these are self-taught skills and fundamentals, her story showed me how important these things are and how she was able to do it all despite

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