The Stories That Sail: A Short Story

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The Stories That Sail

In my young age, I always heard stories from my father. From the boring, old “When I was your age...” ones, and to the great exciting ones. These stories sailed through my mind like ships on endless voyages and they were my favorite, often about my grandparents. They would play dangerous games that my parents would not think of letting me wrap my mind around today. My most favorite ones involved my grandparents in their lives before they came to California. My grandfather, Thaddeus Jude Troxclair, and my grandmother, Joane Irene Christianson Troxclair displayed great probity, perseverance, and work ethics. Though I never had the chance to meet them, I still look up to the both of them for these special reasons.
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When he first got to Twentynine Palms, he was surrounded with other soldiers from across the country, and they all shared their stories. But, when needing to join the workforce, no one wanted him because he did not have the best education and he actually had a criminal record. But if he wanted to go back to see his family, he needed to get some money. He applied everywhere, but no one would hire him. He finally got a job at a gas station in Hollywood, where he stayed for a couple of months. Going through dozens of applications and not giving up, and finally settling at a gas station of all jobs, shows that my grandfather had great perseverance. After making some friends, he got invited to a wedding and figuring it was close and there was free steak, he went. Though, he did not know that this wedding would change his life, and not just because of that steak. Upon arriving, he noticed on the bride’s side of the seating the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. He just had to go talk to her! He caught her name, Joane, and sparks flew in between them for the rest of the …show more content…
She came from Montana where there are more elk than people to California where all the glitz and glamor came from. She struggled with fitting in but eventually nestled into the new West Coast high school hierarchy. She had to help her parents a lot with working at the apartment complex all while completing school. This shows that Joane had strong perseverance being able to balance everything going on and keeping on going even when the odds seemed to be against her. A friend of Elizabeth’s and Joane’s was getting married down in Southern California, so they decided to travel all that ways to see some of the new views. At the wedding, they had underestimated the heat because they had grown accustomed to their northern cool. During the reception, a handsome man waltzed up to Joane while she was dancing with Elizabeth and her friend and asked her to dance. She caught his name as Thaddeus, but most people called him Thad. She noticed his heavy southern accent and was interested in him right when he first tapped her on the

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