Nog No Came Poem

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Rough, Rugged, and Raw (NOG, No Came feat. Jay-Z)

Verse 1 No Came

Rough, Rugged, and raw, down to break means
Brutal, an asshole, hooligan, marauder, ready to stake fiends
Shit, outlaw, mercenary, daredevil, ready to break regimes
The GRASP and Helper couldn’t stop out, they will mercilessly
We stick up suckas anyway for clothes, watches, and the long green
If we want it’s ours like J.L. Hunter "Red" Rountree
If you are in our area better pray for help like Kitty Genovese
Stupid, reckless, careless, callous, willing to take on any challenge
Might jack someone’s Thaddeus O 'Neil hoodie, Whitespot t-shirt, and 993 new balance
Heartless, vicious, severe, will load 16 shots at you to make you spin
Like Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider, kill several
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I remember when this 6’2 busta from forestville tried to buck at the gang
He was trying to show off and smack at us, so we got our AR 15 and made him do a layout
Fools always trying to stunt and act hard, but we always decimate them
Just everyday life, we attack fools and wrench suckas when they owe us five-spots
I remember one time this 5’11, full-zip hoodie, college student owed us $ 80 for crack
So we stuck him up, beat him up, and took his books after class
Was a smart dude, A’s in forensics and computer graphics, just lapsing on the cash
We did what we had to, take down suckas who hold back
And we rob from dudes who have issues with us in the past
Shoot, we ride dirty, strike and blast fools that have beef with us
Any stupid, ludicrous, senseless fool he eat the muzzle dust
This ain’t wonderland, you don’t get no jolly ranchers, milk way, or truffles
In the streets, we show you honesty, survival, and respect, but we don’t love you
So stupid fool don’t mess with the gang, want an easy target choose Rebecca Black
Better learn to shoot before we put 20 rounds from the AR in your back
We’re rough, ruthless, menacing, and savage, wise advice, don’t hack us
We’ll leave blood marks all over your scapula
Rough, brutal attackers always ready to break the
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My click, brutal, callous, and reckless, make you fight for your survival and we come in big packs, help each other, talk together, try to improve each other’s life
We are down for each other Marcus Burnett and Detective Mike
So we cohesive, harsh, cruel, and ruthless
What we’ll do to is carnal, not even human
Shit, it’s subterranean, sub-human
Leave you broken, scarred, and disfigured in the hospital
Eyes can barely open like Alec Templeton
So don’t mess with these raw, bestial, barbaric gangsters
Like White Hutchinson, go to the playground
Because we reckless, raw, and relentless like in the Cave, you won’t escape the expedition
Who we are rough, rugged, and raw

Chorus [Jay-Z and Came]

Rough, rugged, rugged, and raw
Rough, tough, thugged, and angry, [Clif] down to break means
Ugly, cruel, remorseless, thugged, down to gang fiends
Ruthless, murderous, ferocious, down to violate precepts
[Jay-Z] break means

[Modified Chorus - Jay-Z]
Rough, rough, ruthless, penetrable to the law
Rough, rugged, down to break any means
Rough, rugged, rugged, down to take anybody
Rough, rugged, rugged, and severe, [Clifton] down to break dreams
Rough, rugged, and raw [Clifton]


Rough, rugged, rugged, and raw
Rough, rugged, and rugged, and angry, down to break

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