Personal Essay: The Michigan Vs. Ohio State Game

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It was the week of the Michigan vs. Ohio State game and Michigan was at home, Begley and I had spent most our time in physics class talking about it and how Michigan was going to pull off a huge upset. 5 days before that unforgettable Saturday Begley told me and two of my friends he was going to buy us student section tickets and take us to the game. I immediately called bullshit and laughed, it seemed like complete blasphemy because he wanted student section tickets that would cost $125 each and another $100 each to be verified. A $900 event, no high school student can just pull this kind of money out of their ass. That is when Begley pulled off something I thought was impossible. This fucker sold more dope than my dorm bathroom can hold within 2 days and I shit you not, us four went to the game and it was an absolute spectacle being in the student section with the 3rd largest attendance ever. Begley stood a little bit taller that day, he earned respect that I only gave to a few of my many friends. Now looking back at that day I know for sure that was the peak of Begley, because as his friends we always over looked his addiction to selling and other drugs, and soon enough I’d watch the thing that made him great destroy him. Unlike how most my friends viewed Begley I seen two sides to him. He had the smart as bullshit druggy side that …show more content…
Andrew asked me the details of what I heard about Begley’s financing, and I just told him that he went on this shopping spree and got a bunch of guys and I some nice stuff. Andrew asked where he got the money and I just said I assumed selling dope, but boy was I wrong. I had been set up during that entire phone call, Andrew’s dad was the head of juvenile investigations in my town and our line was being tapped into. They thought I was in on it with Begley and all of a sudden my once brotherly friend threw me under the

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