Rosa Parks: A Short Story

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On December 1st, in 1955, Rosa Parks finished working a long, uneventful day at the local tailors in town. She spent hours on end standing around, obeying orders, pricking her fingers with needles and being scolded for her mistakes, all by people who completely disrespected her. With aching feet, she finished closing up and began her walk to the bus stop. Rosa smiled to herself, happy she would soon be able to take off her shoes and put her feet up. Little did she know, her night wasn’t quite over yet. At the bus stop, two other women Rosa knew from church we’re waiting for the next bus, talking about a boy named Emmett Till. Emmett was a young teenage boy who was visiting family in Montgomery, but was kidnapped, beaten, and murdered by businessmen …show more content…
“It is” Rosa calmly replied, as she saw the bus approaching from down the road. As it drew nearer and nearer, Rosa’s heart sank. “Oh not this old crab,” the same lady grumbled. “Just ignore him Rosa.” They all stood quietly, as James F. Blake stopped his bus. 12 years ago, Mr. Blake humiliated Rosa parks as he told her to walk around to the back of the bus but drove away as soon as she stepped off, leaving Rosa to walk home in the cold rain. Rosa straightened her skirt and her shoulders, and quietly walked up the bus stairs and paid her fee, dropping the coins into the coin box. She could feel Mr. Blake staring at her, for his eyes shot daggers through the back of her head as she descended the stairs to walk around back. The bus was not very crowded at the time, so Rosa sat in the “No man's land”, the part of the bus where anyone of colour can sit as long as a white person is not present. As the bus jerked to a start, Rosa stared out her window and continued to think of Emmet and how poorly her people were being treated. Time passed by, and the bus eventually ran out of seats for everybody. It was then when two white businessmen staggered aboard the bus, and walked straight to the row Rosa and a few other men

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