Roper V Simmons Essay

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Roper v. Simmons | March 4
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Roper v. Simmons

I. Introduction
This paper will address the Roper v. Simmons 543 U.S551 (2005); it will specifically address the arrest, trial and the legal issues that arose. It will explain and identify the holdings of the lower courts and it will explain and identify the decision of the U.S Supreme Court.

II. The Facts
Christopher Simmons, who was seventeen years old, and two of his friends by the name of Charles Benjamin(fifteen years old) and John Tessmer (sixteen years old) had a detailed conversation about committing a murder. Christopher Simmons had a premeditated plan to which included, burglary (breaking and entering), robber and
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Missouri’s Superior Court judge told jurors that could consider Simmons age as a mitigating factor. At trial, the States prosecutor introduction was Simmons videotape Reenactment and his confession about the crime.

The State agreed to dismiss the conspiracy charges against John Tessmer in exchange for his testimony against Simmons. Tessmer testified about how Simmons and Benjamin discussed the plan to commit a murder and how it was going to be carried out, also he testified how Simmons was boasting about the murder afterwards. Simmons defense attorney called no witness in the guilt finding phase of the trial. The trial then proceeded to the penalty/sentencing phase after the jury returned a verdict of murder. The prosecution, who was seeking the death penalty, stated the following reasons as aggravating circumstances; 1) the murder was committed for the purpose of receiving money 2) it was committed for the purpose of interfering with, evading or to hinder the lawful arrest of the defendant and 3) it was impetuous, involved wickedness of mind, was blatantly unjustified, repulsive, excessively brutal and dreadful. The prosecution then presented Crooks family to tell the jury how their lives been effected since the death of Mrs. Crook. In defense Simmons attorney presented his prior criminal record which was clear he had no prior record and he also had his family and friends testify about how compassionate he was towards his grandmother

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