Ronald Regan 's Inaugural Speech Essay

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During the 20th century, The United States suffered from many issues, including war, economic depression, lack of equal rights, and unstable foreign relations. During this time, Franklin D. Roosevelt was president for almost twelve years, essentially four terms, from 1933-1945. Ronald Regan served two terms from 1981-1989. Franklin D. Roosevelt went into office when the country was in the midst of an economic panic, and Regan also was inaugurated into office while the US was experiencing “economic ills”, similar to the economic depression in the 30s. Furthermore, becoming president during the times that Regan and FDR did was a huge challenge and took a lot of courage. Both president’s gave a speech when they were inaugurated into office, they spoke of national issues they would resolve, and their views of the nation. Comparing both addresses, Ronald Regan’s inaugural speech had more of an appeal to the average American. He used all three appeal’s, ethos, pathos, and logos, better than Franklin D. Roosevelt.

On January 20th 1981, Ronald Regan gave his inaugural address in Washington D.C. He starts off by referring to presidency as “nothing less than a miracle”, basically saying how special presidency is. Then he thanked the former president for “all [his] help in maintaining the continuity which is the bulwark of the republic”. Instead of bashing him or not acknowledging him, like most people would do, he shows him respect and gratitude. Regan goes on to address the issues…

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