Romanticism In The Minister's Black Veil

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American romanticism is a value or ethics in our society whether transcendentalism or dark romanticism. It was a complex artistic,literary,and philosophical movement that started in the second half of the 18th century in Europe which gained strength to the American as a reaction against rationalism and imperialism. Romanticism values are peaceful and mellow to our nature and a reaction against negativity. It is also a concept of truth through our technology,society,logic,and sophistication, which mean being loyal to yourself. For example an artist or author these works mean a lot to them and is romanticism because it holds true to them and their own work. The view of romanticism knowledge is truth being found through feeling, imagination, and …show more content…
A parable is simple story that illustrate moral and values on belief using symbols and tones. Hawthorne introduces people just judge without even see the true inner self of someone. The minister 's black veil introduces Mr. Hooper as a protagonist where he is a minister of the church wearing a black veil covering his face. This parable is an example of dark romanticism because of the black veil symbolizing sin and secret. Hawthorne tone in the parable “The Minister’s Black Veil” was uncomfortable or odd. For example” When Mr.Hooper came, the first thing that their eyes rested on was the same horrible black veil…”, meaning that people see tiny queer things in quick of an eyes and to judge in a quick of an eye. Another example is “ Then, Farewell!”,said Elizabeth is wife seeing him in public, and as the story end we realized that Elizabeth is with him in secret as the story say “ Tremble also at each other”, this quote reveals that even through the darkest time such as the black veil representing sin and secret, one will stay with a love one into death, as we see that Elizabeth had to hide or not be seen in public with Hawthorne. Based on my knowledge of Hawthorne his influence was Elizabeth and finding himself through his darkness time. Even Though Hawthorne parable was easy to follow it not one to agree with because for people to be true to themselves they need to open up to others and not hide themselves from one. We all are human and not perfect, we make mistakes and sin but one day we got to let go because that is how we move on and do not hold burden with secret and sin in us . Hawthorne putting on that black veil doesn 't matter because everyone hold secret and sins but we can just let go look into society stand true and confess

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