Theme Of Romanticism In The Scarlet Letter

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Register to read the introduction… They were attracted to rebellion and revolution. They mainly cared about the individualism and imagination. Some of the characteristics of American Romanticism are characters and setting set apart from society, characters that were not of our own conscious kind, formal language, supernatural foreshadowing, universe in mysterious, and gaps in causality. In addition, some of the themes American Romanticism produce are: emotional intensity, common man as hero, equality, individualism, Manifest Destiny, the nature of good or evil, abolition, and many other more. One of the author who himself or his work may sound familiar is Nathanial Hawthorne, who wrote The Scarlet …show more content…
He also uses themes like innocence and love, good versus evil in man, and Puritanism. In Hawthorne’s novel The Scarlet Letter, he portrayed many themes, including: revenge, guilt and blame, and women and femininity. The main plot of the Scarlet Letter was when a woman named Hester had to wear the letter A onto her clothing for everyone to see that she had committed adultery. It was a mark of shame, but she since she was skilled at needlework, she made it look beautiful. Her husband, who had sent her to Boston ahead has finally made it there, but changes his name to Roger Chillingworth, not wanting to be affiliated he plans to take revenge on Pearl’s …show more content…
It is important because it “redefined the fundamental ways in which individuals in Western culture thought about their selves and their world” (English Dept. Brooklyn College). Moreover, it is still important today because it represents a belief in the importance of individuality and personal freedom and the value of self-expressionism; everyone can read something that they enjoy. The writers of this time produced some of the greatest works in American Literature. The themes of Nathanial Hawthorne’s writing reflected American Romanticism because in his novel The Scarlet Letter, he showed the good and evil in people, and sin and morality. I found this researching topic to be interesting because I learned about the author who wrote one of the most famous novels of all time, The Scarlet

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