Romanticism In I Hid My Love By John Clare

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The Romantic Movement lasted from the second half of the eighteenth century to the first half of the nineteenth century. The Romantic Era has a great effect on people in all aspects, such as art, literature, and music. Romanticism began in Germany and France, and after that it spread through Europe, and finally America. However, romanticism is not about love and romance; it is about all the emotions and feelings a person feels throughout his or her whole life. People used it as a way of escapism from their tough lives. Romanticism was a reaction against the Enlightenment. While the Enlightenment thinkers valued reason and logic, the Romantics valued emotion and intuition. Some of the major features of Romanticism are nature, imagination, spontaneity, and the individual. There are many poets of the Romantic Era and John Clare is one of …show more content…
This poem was written during the Romantic Period. At that time, love was compared to nature. The tone of the poem is longing, fearfulness, and depression. The poet here longs for his beloved and this makes him feel depressed. He is also afraid to tell her about his love. The theme of the poem is that love is not easy, but a complicated situation. The poet in “I Hid My Love” compares his beloved to the beauty of nature. The rhyme scheme is (AA, BB, CC, DD) except the first stanza, which is (AA, BB, CC, AA). The poem, “I Hid My Love”, was written in a ballad form with an iambic tetrameter. It consists of three stanzas with eight lines each. In the first stanza, the author explains how difficult it is trying to forget his beloved and love someone else, because he is reminded of her everywhere he goes. The poet uses the persona, which is the attitude of the speaker towards his beloved. It is present in lines 3, 5, 6, and 8; He has a positive view of her, but he is sad because his love for her is secret. In line 2, there is alliteration in bear and buzzing. There is auditory imagery in

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