Romanticism And The Admiration Of Nature

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Romanticism and the Admiration of Nature To begin with, Romanticism was an artistic movement involved in expressing individual experience and feeling. Romanticism occurred in Europe during the eighteenth century. It was inspired by American Independence, the French Revolution, the Industrial Revolution, and Napoleon. One of the individual expressions was expressing the love of nature. Artists in the Romantic period really had an appreciation of nature and also saw the beauty of nature. This is why one of the themes during Romanticism was nature. Many different Romantic artists use the theme of nature in their works. The theme can be seen in songs, poems, and even paintings. Both Wordsworth and Friedrich were famous artists during Romanticism. The theme of nature is seen in both The Wanderer above the Mists and “Lines Written a …show more content…
Nature played a huge role in many artists’ works during Romanticism. Romanticism would not have been the same without the works that focused on nature. Through both of these works, nature was seen as peaceful and can really bring a positive aspect to humanity that humans do not always appreciate. Both Wordsworth and Friedrich had an experience with nature that really impacted their works. The way that Wordsworth wrote about nature and the structure of Friedrich’s painting really showed the impact that nature had on them. Wordsworth not only talked about nature, but also the sublime and imagination, which are also key themes in Romanticism. Both pieces of work expressed how nature can help calm people and take them away from society through being on top of a mountain away from humanity and helping make life peaceful during hard times. Romantic artists really appreciated nature in a way that not many people do, and used artwork to show people that they should appreciate nature and not take it for

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