Essay on Romans By The Apostle Paul

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Introduction In the book of Romans, the apostle Paul addresses many issues that are relevant to today’s modern Christian. Although things have greatly changed since Rome ruled the world, the human condition hasn’t changed much. We have much faster transportation and wifi now, but the issues that plagued the minds of Christians back then and the ones that do today remain remarkable similar. The first chapters of Romans serve to remind us that we are all sinners in the eyes of a holy God that can only be justified through faith in Jesus Christ through whom we can live a victorious life.

The Natural World In the book of Romans, Paul establishes that God not only created the natural world, but that through creation the world reveals His divinity and eternal power (Rom 1:20). His incredible creation is a way that God has revealed himself to mankind, so that they may know without a doubt that a God exists. Paul also warns about worshipping the creation, rather than the Creator. When people decided to worship objects, rather than honoring and thanking God, God gave them over to the debased desires of their hearts. This resulted in people living unrighteous and sinful lives that were harmful to themselves and others (Rom1:31).
Human Identity In the beginning God made the heavens and the Earth. He also made man in His Image, a special and unique creation (Gen 1). After mankind sinned, death came into the world and man was at odds with God (Rom 5:12). Every person who has ever…

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