Roman Sculptures Of The Human Body Essay

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Roman Sculptures emphasized on importance of a perfect body. The fascination of the human body was revealed in marble sculptures created by the Romans. Balance, proportion, and poise were used to create the perfect body forms for the sculptures. Roman styles of sculptures strongly influenced by how they saw the importance of athletics and how they glorified the beauty of a well-formed body. The excellence of proportions that were accomplished in the Greek and Roman times still motivate artist in our modern world today. “Torso of an Athlete” is a great example of the Roman sculpture style and how they viewed the beauty of the male body and the importance of athletics. The sculpture demonstrated chiseled pectoral muscles, washboard abdominal muscles, and an embellished furrow between the hips and abdomen (Torso). This shows a body form that is most likely not a typical body form (Torso). Greeks were the first society to focus on nude sculptures of the human body. Their favorite topic of a sculpture was an athlete , and the importance of athleticism was apparent in many famous sculptures. The Classical Age could be recognized as when art began to create some of the most elegant marble sculptures. Marble is a metamorphic rock that is formed from limestone. When limestone goes through metamorphism which is when extreme heat and pressure is applied to the limestone deep in the earth’s crust. Marble is composed mostly of the mineral calcite, clay,…

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