Roles Of Hitler And Goebbels

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During the 1920’s Germany was in deep crisis from the harsh consequences of the Treaty of Versailles that had lead to hyperinflation and masses of Germans not losing trust in their politicians. The country was in need of a leader, who was trustworthy and would give all their time to putting Germany back on the map. Adolf Hitler soon rose to the challenge to become Chancellor and quoted that he had ‘the duty to be a fighter for truth and justice’ which, in time, won over the votes for the Nazi party, but could not gain the voters all by himself. Hitler’s Henchmen played a massive part in Hitler’s leadership and two of the most of important were Himmler (In charge of Terror) and Goebbels (who was in charge of Propaganda). Their roles and techniques will be further explained in various paragraphs which will lead to a conclusion as to who was more important to Hitler.

Hitler was immensely impressed with Goebbels’ successful academic past and grew closer to Goebbels through his loyalty towards the Nazi’s aims. He also admired Goebbels’ talent for propaganda and was pleased with his input through media to gain Nazi’s
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He controlled most types of media in Germany, these types of media involved: Radio, Rituals, Cinema, Music, Art and Censorship. Goebbels used the media to indoctrinate Germany, brainwashing them to support Hitler’s aim for a master race which created a bond between himself and Hitler. Propaganda focused on: isolating Jews, boosting Hitler’s leadership and branding the idea of a perfect Aryan family. His plan to isolate the Jews is shown in Source 9, a poster advertising a film named ‘The Eternal Jew’ from 1940 which compares Jews in Europe to a hoard of rats that spread diseases. Goebbels had said ‘the essence of Propaganda’ consisted of ‘winning people over to an idea’ so much that soon the nation ‘can never escape from

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