Roles Of Family Gender Roles Essay

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Society is made up of many institutions that influence interactions between various people all over the world. Family is one of these institutions and is very important to society. It, along with other institutions like language, and culture, is what distinguishes out species from others. Within a family there are specific gender roles that are assumed to be displayed. Males are meant to be the primary breadwinners, while females are mean to be the nurturers (ones who care for the children) and the homer-runner. These roles are implemented from a very young tender age. If you walk into a children’s daycare or preschool classroom, you can observe the influence of these family gender roles: three and four years are already displaying the learned gender roles. The girls are playing with various dolls, pretending to cook with the toy cooking set, or playing “house” that is pretending to be a housewife and taking care of the entire family. On the opposite spectrum, we see young boys playing with cars and performing more physical activities. If you observe a primary school, you observe that the boys are playing sports out in the field and courts while the girls are braiding hair and gossiping. The gender roles are also seen later in life. If you examine the graduating seniors at most universities, you notice that the majority of the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) majors are men and women are mostly in humanities. This is the social norm that is expected from…

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