Roles Of Being A Dancer Essay

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Participants were selected based off of their perceived involvement in the dance community, and whether they could currently identify as being a dancer. Once the three participants were selected, they were notified in-person that they would receive 5 interview questions via email. Using the particular method of email, both the participants and myself were able to communicate asynchronously, making the process of gathering information much more convenient. After the email was sent and received, participants were given about a week 's worth of time to reflect on their experiences as a dancer, and respond to the questions provided to the best of their abilities. Each respective party then sent back their own responses to the questions via email. Minimal contact was made with the contributors to the study from the time the questions were sent, to the time answers were received, as no further information or clarification was necessary on either party 's end.
The following results support my proposed hypothesis stating: as dancers mature, they will feel the effects of ageism within their respective dance community. However, because all of the participants in this study are college-aged dancers — and dance in collegiate settings — most did not cite age as being a perceived issue among their peers just yet. Hall responded by saying, “Because I train alongside my peers, students who are the same age/around the same age as me, I don 't really perceive age to be much of a…

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