Roles Influencing The German People Essay

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Roles Influencing German People
There are many aspects believed to push the German people’s participation in the genocide and murders; however, the roles of racism, German economy, national pride, peer pressure, and physiological conditioning play the largest roles in the German people’s participation in or indifference towards the state sponsored genocide and murders.
Racism has influenced many things throughout history, but those events can not compare to its influence throughout the nazification process. According to A Teacher’s Guide to the Holocaust Hitler had an extreme hatred against Jews showing since 1919. With Hitler becoming part of the government he used his extreme feelings against the Jews with polices and statues which eventually lead to the placements of Jews in concentration camps causing the death of 6 million people dying because they were Jewish (“Victims”). Having someone that powerful in the government can push citizens to be scared and become part of the movement or make it seem as if persecuting people was the right thing to do. Racism during this time was really caused because people wanted someone to blame for the economy, war, bad living conditions, etc. With Hitler blaming the Jews—and some other types of people but mainly Jews—it was easier to go along with what a man of power believed and it started a fire of racism in the citizens pushing them to take part in the persecution against the Jews.
The German economy was a horrible messing during…

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