Roles And Structures Of Policing Essay

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Policing is a subject that is not something that can be summed up in one word. There are several roles and structures of policing that takes time to dissect. It is a topic that deals with constant scrutiny of police. Tension over the subject of how policing and crime aligns has become a concern for many community residents, and how some of those community residents perception has been stunted by the ongoing issues that police officers, has been involved in, it looks like that the badge has become an escape to commit crime and be protected. Travis III, said it well, policing is developing a perspective. This perspective maintains that policing in practice, the product of a unique balance among the people, organizations, and communities involved (2008). When we discuss the vulnerability and how it apply or relate to leadership success within law enforcement, I can only wonder, is it the cause that influence citizen satisfaction toward the police, and the social media and its influence on law enforcement. During the course we also elaborated on race, trust and police legitimacy and how that associated with people of the community.
In a leadership role we aspect someone who can permeate organizations, and take on the responsibility and be decisive and right, which draw critique, that one should be ready to defend. Vulnerability provides the safety net for leadership shortcomings. Some view the concept of vulnerability as a weakness, while others avoid demonstrating it…

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