Role Of Women 's Society : Annotated Bibliography Of Ministry Of Social Affairs And Social Security

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Role of Women In Icelandic Society Annotated Bibliography
Ministry of Social Affairs. "Stepping Stones." Gender Equality in Iceland (2010): 1-3. Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Security, 14 Apr. 2010. Web. 2 Feb. 2016.
The PDF on this website is a plethora of indispensable information. “Stepping Stones creates a timeline that can be studied to see the progression of women’s right and gender equality. The list of dates provided go as far back to show when rights of inheritance were given to women and follows through all the way until the most recent applicable laws that were instilled.
As the source for this material is Iceland’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Security you can rely on the information provided with surety to be accurate and definitely a reliable and current source. These facts are well documented as they can all be traced back to laws passed in the country. Although this source is coming from a government organization the make it easy for people to understand the information provided within the pamphlet.
Use of this pamphlet fits positively well into my research, wonderfully informative, a complete list of dates helps to paint a picture of equality. The information supplied is neither too general nor too specific. Maintaining a well-balanced objective this source helped to narrow my topic to focus more clearly on certain dates and laws. Using the knowledge provided I now possess a better understanding of the lengths at which Iceland has…

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