Role Of Women In Advertisements

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Advertising painted the perfect picture album of society in the early nineteen hundreds. Advertisements told a story of what was going on during that particular time period. Women were portrayed as being competent and successful in both the nineteen twenties and fifties. “Evaluation of advertisements from nineteen twenty to nineteen fifty nine encourages that despite the conservative role of women in the twenties, the role of women in the fifties seemed much more feminine.” There were beautiful women depicted in the advertisements so that products could be sold and the companies of the advertisements could make a profit on what they were promoting. Women in the nineteen twenties were represented as being elegant and modern. An example of …show more content…
The majority of the women had blonde or light brown hair and fair skin, as well. I think the models in the twenties were common people and the models in the fifties were more well to do and famous people. I also noted that women in the ads of the fifties seemed to wear a lot of red and strapless dresses and swimsuits such as the models in the ‘Barbasol ad’ and the ‘Greyhound ad’. She was in an extremely reveling red mesh like dress that showed the legs and revealed the cleavage. I think this ad was very appropriate with the given product. It is also relevant that a girl who likes nice things would like a man with a smooth face. 9 The woman in the Greyhound ad was in a very appropriate setting on the beach in a swimsuit, promoting travel for Greyhound. I think the color and mood of this ad makes it stand out and appeal to a younger generation who may want to travel to a beach in the Winter. 10 I think this situation is very realistic and she is very appropriately dressed for this advertisement. In both of these ads, the models have been looking away. The nineteen fifties advertising seemed like it might have been degrading to women based upon the revealing wardrobe. I evaluated another completely different change in wardrobe in nineteen fifty four when ‘Mrs. America went Greyhound’. She was very elegant and classy in her business like suit and matching gloves promoting travel for Greyhound. She had a very respectful position as Mrs. America and she held up her character being independent, fully clothed and dressing very elegant and professional. 11 The nineteen fifties were a time when the femininity of women and traditional gender roles were stressed significantly. Women felt a sense of empowerment and it made them extremely

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