Role Of Women During Victorian Era Essay example

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Role of Women in Victorian Era
In the male-dominated society, women have always been considered to be inferior. Western ancient philosopher Aristotle said publicly that women are the people who lack excellent quality, and women are not perfect people. Some works show that the women were always undervalued in western society during the Victorian era. Heart of Darkness is a novel written by Polish-British novelist Joseph Conrad. It writes about a story of Skipper Marlow’s experience on the Congo River. During the process of finding Kurtz, who is degenerated into a greedy colonialist from the hero who spread the Western civilization in Africa, Marlow finds the violence of colonialists and the darkness in that mystery and sacred land. The background of this novel is that the colonists are busy with gathering material wealth from every corner of the world in the name of spread civilization. Since they are extremely preoccupied with material wealth, the feelings of common people’s inner world are ignored. In order to attain material wealth, they do whatever they want to regardless of morality. Their behaviors reflect the dehumanization of their human nature. It leads to the ill relationship between people. Heart of Darkness not only implies the threats and conspiracy of the imperialism, but also illustrates the social status of women in such a masculine environment by the description of the female characters in this novel. Most of the female characters in novel represent the…

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