The Importance Of Heart Of Darkness By Joseph Conrad

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The novella Heart of Darkness written by Joseph Conrad in 1899, which is set in the Congo, Africa in 1890. It is based on the narrator Charles Marlow travels to the Congo, in the heart of Africa to relieve a brilliant ivory trader named Krutz, who is working for the Belgium Government. While there is a complexity on British identity of Joseph Conrad, the role he played in the development of British literary history is significant. The writings of Conrad were not inherently English but incorporated figures that crossed the national borders, destabilized the existing identities and enhanced the use of wide range of cultures when produced a work of art. This acted as a leading idea to the incorporation of different cultures when creating literary …show more content…
For instance, he wrote short stories and novellas that are set in particular locations in South America, Singapore and the Belgian Congo. It is also interesting to observe that the two careers that Conrad participated in i.e. writing novels and maritime industry did not overlap. His writing career began when he had almost totally left the maritime industry, and since he was an established author, he left working in the maritime industry completely.
The writing style used by Conrad has been effective in the achievement of transformation of British Literature History. Due to the fact that he was able to communicate and write in a number of languages, he pioneered the incorporation of international experiences in the writing of novels and short stories (GoGwilt 95). He contributed to the professional novel writing by creating a winding, tautological and indirect structure of narrative structures. The placement of adjectives stutteringly made his prose difficult to understand but he applied perseverance and after a short period of time, features such as stuttering and the use of awkward syntax is not an illustration of someone struggling to understand the English language, but an
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The writing style used by Conrad has also been associated with an impact on the development of the modern British Literature. Conrad mainly used his personal memories as materials for literary activities that created a realistic view of the literary work. He implemented the overall view of the world in the writing of public statements, letter extracts and books. In addition, the style of characterization used by Conrad has been effective in contributing to the characterization method used in the modern literary materials (White 130). For instance, he used the idea of actual people to create the characters in his novels and short stories. For instance, the character ‘Almayer’ was motivated by the act of Conrad meeting William Charles Olmeijer. This creates a link of actuality in the illustration of themes in the novels and articles. The same method of characterization has been implemented in the construction of characters in most modern literatures in Britain. Another style used by Conrad that has been used by many writers is the effect of surrounding on the books written. Conrad used the experiences he underwent while working in the marine to create an imaginary environment that enabled understanding of the novels and articles. For instance, most of his novels provided

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