Essay on Role Of The Twitter For The Journalists

1947 Words Apr 3rd, 2015 null Page
Twitter has become the largest source of news breaking media and the firsthand information for the journalists, in the conventional media. The rise of the social media such as twitter has raised fears among the journalists. As a professional practice of journalists is brought to disappear; means in recent years of dire predictions about the decline of the profession. As such, the role of the journalist is essential. His profession is changing profoundly, which does not mean it will disappear. It takes place in a new context that has become more complex. This paper examines the role of the twitter for the journalists to cover breaking news. The hypothesis will use for this paper is “Is there any relationship between the faster coverage of news and Twitter?”
According to Noguera-Vivo, these days, there are some instances on how, show gratitude to this media, newsrooms is becoming clearer and twitter is connecting earlier by their viewers. It is turning an ordinary exercise to notice editors request views on Twitter regarding headlines, pre-publishing subjects in the news and next topics. Together, the viewers and sources are changing some customary journalistic source additionally (Noguera-Vivo, 2013).
The challenge for the sustainability of journalism in the digital age is in search of a balance between old journalism fed surveys, reports and expertise, and new practices appeared on the Internet: discussions and debates online, proximity readers, recommendations and…

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