Role Of Political Climate In J. B. Priestley's An Inspector Calls '

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Inspector Goole – Essay
How does the cultural and/or political climate influence the attitudes of the characters with regard to their involvement in the young woman’s downfall?

Notes on time period/political climate:
• Based in 1912 – written in 1945 by J.B. Priestly
• Priestly fought for England in first world war
• Priestly broadly sympathized with socialism, however
• Inspector Calls is an immediate post-war drama (post WW2)
• Takes up economic, social, political issues
• 1945 – food was still being rationed, towns and cities suffered damage during the Blitz
• Major political shift in UK about to happen w/ 1st Labour government in several years
• Government had high degree of control of people b/c war gave some British inspiration to use government to promote
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Implies if people continue their callous behaviour in these industrialized countries, then they themselves will ‘commit suicide.’
• Arthur has the mentality of a capitalist men are to only look after themselves as individuals, in which owners of capital value do not care of the worker’s rights, solely the profits.
• Act 3  Mr Birling says to Gerald & Eric that they must put themselves first and that socialist ideas of human society are eccentric and

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