Essay On Middle Class Parents

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Middle Class Parent Involvement
This is section will prove that parent involvement has a great impact on a child’s life, including the child’s education. Middle class parents are considered “concerted cultivation” (Lareau, 2002) when it comes to childrearing. For children living in middle class the organization of the child 's daily life consisted of organized activities. Activities that fosters the child’s ability to learn and grow and to encourage and accommodate the child’s interest such as music, church, athletics, and academics. Parents would spend any amount of money and give up majority of their “free” time to have their child participate in any activities. It seemed as if the activities are what shaped all of the family member’s daily lives. In one conversation, Lareau (2002) had with a child, the child stated that if there was nothing going on (activities) then he felt bored. For instances when a child was bored, the parents encourage the child to read for entertainment, rather than watch TV.
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They are not often close to professionals as those in middle-class. In fact, poor/working class parents stated that they fear officials, they feel that officials will hurt them, take their children away, attack them, etc. (2002). During parent-teacher conferences or conversations with school officials the parents feel intimidated, confused and powerless. The feelings the parents have towards school personnel is what keeps them separated from school and from being involved. Often, since the parents felt powerless they would encourage their children to resist school officials of authority. These feelings were seen by their children so then their children also felt powerless. In school, children of poor/working class may test and bend the rules but not often ask for accommodations as did those children from middle class. They would just settle for whatever they were told to

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