Role Of Nurses On The Health Of The Nation Essay

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“Nurses cannot expect legislators to have an accurate and full understanding of the important contributions that nurses make to the health of the nation. Rather, it is a nursing responsibility for nurses to take the message to them (Alligood & Miles, 2011, p. 7). This is a call to action for nurses to take active leadership in policy making to effect change in healthcare. Nurses have the knowledge and the understanding of how social inequities drastically affect their patient population. However, there is a disconnect that happens in translating this knowledge into public policy. The working knowledge of nurses regarding human interaction, social, cultural, and environmental influences make their contribution to policy creation invaluable.
Health Policy

Health is affected by various factors that act on how people are born, live, and age throughout their lifetime. Such factors are determined by policies on disease prevention and health promotion that are created and implemented by legislators. The conception of effective health policies with long term outlook have dynamic social, economic, and environmental implications (Committee on Health Impact Assessment, 2011). It affects what we eat, how our foods are sourced, what kind of housing we will live in, and if we can afford to pay the cost of treatment when we get sick. Even the policies that were not thought to be initially health related, like that of mass transportation, are actually interlinked with how…

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