Physical And Social Elements Of The Essentials Of A Healthy City

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Healthy City
Done by Hisham Saleh Al-Musilmani
Nowadays, living in a healthy environment is a demand for all civilized community, as the social and environmental challenges increasing day by day(Baum,2008). This healthy environment is one part of the healthy city which is promoting health including the social, economical and psychological factors (Marcia 1998). So what is the healthy city? Healthy city is the city which developing and enhancing, the physical and social environment and consolidates the community resources which make the people powerful and effective to support each other in doing all their life activities and to get their maximum potential (Hancock and Duhl, 1986). The concept
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Physical and social elements are the major elements for the healthy city(Baum,2008). The development and maintaining of these elements lead to improvement of the quality of life by promoting and supporting the health status of the individuals(Davies&Kelly,2013). These elements are presented in the Ottawa Charter which lays out the essentials for healthy cities (Baum &Sanders 1995): 1) Safety. It representing the freedom from conflicts and freedom from threatening any physical harm.2) Education. Free and approachable education for children and adult that make them productive and powerful in their community.3) Food. Considering the quantity and quality of foods with adequate nutrients for children growth and adult health. 4) Income. Occupations that are offering a better and adequate income for good living status and financial support for unemployed people who are not able to work or not able to find jobs. 5) A stable environment. Clean air, clean water, and maintaining the natural environment.
6) Maintainable resources. These may include water, land, mining with minerals, industries, power sources, plants, animals.7) Social equity. In a social equity, all individuals are treated equally under the law, and every one is participating in the community building. So creating a healthy city is considering green building, education, recycling
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These projects are following the principle elements of the WHO. These elements concentrated on the political leaders who should create the public commitment towards the healthy city through active participation with a well organized planning process. In addition to that the project activities are carried out by multi-sectorial teams with active community participation. The European healthy city project is one of the successful, healthy city projects that is started on 1986.Today about 100 cities are a member in this project.
Finally, the healthy city is a city that is alert of health and trying to promote it (Davis & Kelly,2014). It needs a commitment to health with policies and protocols to be able to achieve its goals. The healthy city is one that is consistently creating opportunities in the physical and social environments and developing the community resources to empower all of its individuals to be active in all the activities through the active participation. Individuals become independent and secure which give them the power over their

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