Role Of Media In Our Society

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Media plays important role in our day to day life. We rely on media for both information and entertainment, from the shows we watch on TV, the music we listen to on the radio and phones, the games we play on computers, to the books and magazines we read every day. We all get knowledge about what’s happening all over world through media. But in today’s world media generally broadcasts programs and shows related to violent crime. Almost in all programs we see stories related to murder, assaults, kidnapping, war and so on. Dr. Robert M. Lombardo, a sociologist, is an Associate Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice who argues that, “the media is the number one source for the public to gain information on crime, criminals and the criminal …show more content…
They were presenting false news and instead of helping the victim on the time of crisis they were filming them. Not just that they were disturbing and were trying to interviewing the rescue workers from different countries about technology and equipments they had. They were showing inhuman behavior, if they can’t save one life on the spot, why can’t they stop bothering others who are helping? Indian media were insensitive, biased and were just trying to attract the viewers by adding false news even at the time of crisis. We hear news from all over the world through different media but its hard to believe which media to trust and which not. Media just focuses on huge news stories and disregarding statistics. The huge stories are the medium for media to attract more viewer. Media is a major factor that increases violence. Media is one of the factor that makes us act and change our behavior, attitude, and ways of thinking towards others. A news story published on Times of India is an example of media …show more content…
As we have heard and even seen many criminals were inspired to commit crime by films, TV shows, games, books. Media can poison the human thoughts and believes. Media present violence in such a way that it makes us fearful. We get false feelings that violence is everywhere and world is unsafe place full of crime. For example, we must have noticed that in most movies and programs murders are committed by outsiders and the murderer looks scary with lots of scar on their faces, tattoos, long hair with mustache and beard with a great body but in reality the killer will know their victim. So media sometimes shows us something which might be partially true which can misleads us. Media should not only be focused on crime and violent related program or news. They should also start a programs that makes people aware about crime and criminal activities, How we can be prepare for such criminal situation and how to handle those safely? Its better to prevent problems before than to cure problems after happening. Children 's believe the darnedest things. They believe and trust what they see on media. Child psychologist, Dr. Debra Kowalski, explains, "With children having so much exposure to the media, the messages that come across… are very important and they shape how a child sees the world and what a child sees as important. …A lot of the messages related to violence and sexuality can

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