Role Of An Accountant As A Person 's Job Essay

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An accountant is defined as a person whose job is to keep or inspect financial accounts. The role of an accountant can vary from company to company. To most being an accountant seems like a pretty boring job, but it involves much more than you may think. If your goal in life is to become an accountant there are certain requirements and skills needed to get into this profession. The first step is having the right degree. The five most accepted degrees are Accounting, Auditing, Business, Finance, and Taxation. This degree can be earned at any college or university. After this most people go on to earn their CPA license. Within accounting profession there are many areas. So next is finding a category that suites you. Some of this categories include internal auditing, managerial accounting, or taxes. After is deciding if you want to work for the public, a private company, or have your own firm. All these decisions will determine what a role of an accountant is for you. There are basic and intricate skills needed to be known when becoming an accountant. Accountants need to work well with numbers, this is because you will be dealing with a company’s financial information which is basically all numbers. You also will need to pay close attention to details. One slip up could mess up all the number for a lot of important information. This also relates to being organized. Accountants are important and busy people and are usually loaded with a lot of information that needs to be…

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