Role Of A Nurse Ranges From Patient Care, Organizer, Quality Controller, Problem Solver, Educator, And

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What is a nurse? What are their roles and responsibilities? What does it take to be a nurse? What does it take to be a nurse? These are all important questions that will be answered in this paper. The verb was originally a contraction of nourish, altered under the influence of the noun but nourishment is only part of what a nurse does (Nurse | Definition of nurse by Merriam-Webster. n.d.). The roles of a nurse ranges from patient care, organizer, quality controller, problem solver, educator and agent of connectivity (Enhancing care, improving quality: the six roles of the general practice nurse. - PubMed - NCBI. n.d.).
There are various settings in which a registered nurse can work, most people assume that nurses are only in hospitals but because of the change in which people receive medical attention has changed and grown the locations have expanded. Nurses can work in hospitals, doctor’s offices, armed services, home health care agencies, schools, or even law offices (11 Unique Places Nurses with a BSN Degree Can Work - King University. n.d).
There are various levels of nursing degrees to pursue in order to enter the nursing field. The level of responsibility given to them, as well as their salary when entering the work field, will depend heavily on how much education and training a person has received. Obviously the higher the degree a person has acquired, the wider range of choices they will have in securing the job of their choice.
Community colleges tend to offer…

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