Roe V. Wade Case Essay examples

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Roe v. Wade
The United States is governed by laws that are suppose to protect the rights of all Americans. The people that interpret these laws are the nine black robed officials more commonly known as the United States Supreme Court. This selected group of officials are responsible for many of the upheld and newly developed laws that they have decided are constitutional. One of the many examples of the United States Supreme Court rulings is the case of Jane Roe going up against the Dallas attorney Henry B. Wade.

The very famous and influential case of Roe versus Wade does not start off in front of the Supreme Court. This story goes back a little bit over a century before the Roe versus Wade case. The abortion laws in the state of Texas Texas first allowed abortion during the women’s rights movement, but this is if the pregnancy was life threatening to the mother. As women gained more privileges they gained a stronger desire for more power to influence society. This kind of ideology can cause change if enough people believe in it. Some of the many different decisions that the women 's rights movement pressed for had a very excellent possibility of being somewhat benefit to America, and other rights being pressed for did not have many amazing things to offer as a benefit to the American public as a whole.

The first person that will be introduce to the case of Roe versus Wade is none other than the plaintiff Norma McCorvey. This is the less famously known name of the person…

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