Rodham Clinton Speeches

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Hillary Rodham Clinton is the Democratic Candidate running for the position of the President of the United States. The former first lady born on October 26, 1947 in Chicago Illinois, has always been an active advocate of the party. As a young woman she campaigned for the then Republican candidate nominee Barry Goldwater in 1964 and after listening to a powerful speech by Reverend Martin Luther Ling Jr she entered into public service and became a Democrat in 1968. Hilary graduated from Yale University with a degree in Law and then studied at the Yale Child Study Center where she took courses on children and medicine. She married her classmate Bill Clinton in 1975. Bill Clinton went on to become the President of the United States in 1993. Hilary …show more content…
At the time of the speech the country had been experiencing racial turmoil involving numerous police forces throughout the country and African American people. Hilary referenced the shootings of Terence Crutcher and Keith Lamont Scott, both African American, both shot by white police officers. She comments that we as a nation needs to realize this is unbearable and needs to become intolerable. This sets the tone for us to see that she wants to fight for what is right. She goes on to say “I’ve spoken to many police chiefs and other law enforcement leaders who are as deeply concerned as I am and deeply committed, as I am, to reform. Why? Because they know it is essential for the safety of our communities and our officers. We are safer when communities respect the police and police respect communities” (Clinton). Not only does Hilary want to advocate for safety and equal rights of the general public but also the safety and rights of those living with …show more content…
The first step is attention. At the beginning of the speech Hilary grabs the audience’s attention by having a girl by the name of Anastasia introduce her to the crowd. Hilary has developed a personal relationship with her and her disabled sister who she met many years ago and has followed as they grew into fine young women. “I want to thank Anastasia for that introduction. Didn’t she do an amazing job? I first met Anastasia when she was nine years old. She raised her hand at a town hall and she said, ‘My twin sister can’t speak. Because of that, they put her in a separate class, apart from the rest of the kids. But she can communicate with a computer. And she’s very smart and would do just as well as anyone else, if the principal and teachers would just give her a chance.’ I was just blown away by this nine-year-old girl – her confidence and how much she loved her sister” (Clinton).
Next she uses need to let the attendees know that with her as their leader, she will advocate for all their needs “Now, there are so many issues we need to take on together, and that’s why we’re here today. Because in just 48 days – can you believe it, 48 days – Americans will go to the polls” (Clinton). The American people can trust her to carry on with her life’s work to date, fighting for change and getting bills passed to better all including children and people with

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