Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton Analysis

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The most important debate in recent history was The first 2016 presidential debate between Donald Trump and HIllary Clinton, was by far the biggest in US history. Over 84 million people tuned in to see what the next potential president had to say about problems that affect Americans today. Both candidates consistently tried to convince us to vote for them by using analytical devices such as ethos, repetition, jargon, and framing. Analytical devices are used to help us understand and connect with the speaker on various levels.
Clinton conveys her ethos by using her grand-daughter that she as a grandparent is wise, caring, and comforting. When the first presidential debates began, Hillary Clinton was the first to speak. Before answering the question
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He consistently speaks of how jobs are leaving the country to places such as Mexico and China. Repetition is most useful when trying to get the audience to remember a specific bit of information. In this debate Donald J. Trump wants the audience to remember that jobs are leaving the United States and that we must work together to keep them here. Donald states,“Thousands of jobs leaving Michigan, leaving Ohio, they’re all leaving, and we can 't allow it to happen anymore.” (Trump, NBC). This relates to a lot of Americans who are struggling to find work and constantly reminding them that jobs are leaving will most likely cause them to vote for the person who say they will bring jobs back. He uses repetition on a lot of important issues such as immigration, taxes, and terrorism. All these issues affect American voters and when making their decision to vote, they will remember where it came from the …show more content…
In the following example Hillary Clinton defends her tax plans by criticizing Donald Trump’s tax plan. Clinton states, “You have now what is called The Trump Loophole , because it would so advantage you and the business you do. You’ve proposed and approached a a 4 billion dollar tax benefit for your family.”(Clinton, NBC). She attacks his plans by suggesting that it is flawed by using the phrase “Trump Loophole”. She talks about who it benefits by saying who will be receiving the advantages. Clinton has framed Trump’s tax plans as beneficial only to the top one percent and that her plan benefits

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